How Glow In The Dark T-shirts Work?

You see glow-in-the-dark stuff all of the time, for example in living organisms such as glow-worms or fireflies. It’s the magical nature of things that Glow In The Dark, that makes kids and adults fall in love with this incredible phenomenon.

For our Glow in the Dark T-shirts to work you need the glow canvas to be charged not charged like a battery, but charged via light absorption.

You can charge your Glow in the Dark Illuminated Apparel by exposing it to a light source and it will radiate a bright green in darkness.    

Three ways to charge your Glow T-shirt

1. Intensify the fun using the UV Glow Torch included. Create a silhouette by shading around an object. Or you can draw, doodle and write with light directly onto the T-shirt surface and watch it spectacularly come to life.

2. Hold your Illuminated Apparel Glow T-shirt up to a light source (sunlight or a light bulb will work). It then absorbs the light and is released as a new type of energy - coloured light, this is the phenomenon we know as Glowing In The Dark. If you leave your T-shirt in strong sunlight for a few hours, it will absorb even more energy. This can shine for a few hours. WOW!

3. Other fun ways to charge your T-shirts could be through a powerful ultra violet laser pen or through a high lumen torch / flash light. 

This Glow In The Dark Illumination will last for up to 10 minutes in a dark setting.

Illuminated Apparel has been compared with the magic of the Northern Lights! Bring the aurora home with you with this stunning light display.